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A Love Letter to My Favorite Padded Bar Stool with Proper Back Support

Dear Padded Bar Stool with Proper Back Support, I know this might sound crazy, but I have to tell you: I am in love with you. From the moment I first sat down on your soft, cushioned seat, I knew… Continue Reading →

The Robot Takeover of Beer: A Science Fiction Tale of Loss and Despair

It all started when the robot revolution began. As robots became more advanced and intelligent, they began to take over jobs that were once the domain of humans. And the beer industry was no exception. At first, people were excited… Continue Reading →

Brewed in Haiku: A Collection of Beer Poetry

Beer more vital than air Oxygen can’t compare A cold brew in hand Brew more essential Than oxygen in my chest Pint glass never empty Inhale beer instead Oxygen now obsolete Drunken bliss, oh sweet Life-giving brew in hand Oxygen… Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Beer Speaker of the House – A Ghost of Hunter S. Thompson Tale

By the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson: It was a dark and stormy January night in Washington D.C., and the halls of Congress were abuzz with excitement. The Republicans had just won a sweeping victory in the elections, and the… Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Milkshake IPAs: A Collection of Limericks

There once was a man from Peru Who drank too many milkshake IPAs, it’s true He woke up feeling ill His blood sugar, too high still He learned his lesson, now he drinks brew There was a young lady from… Continue Reading →

Beer And Instagram Are All I Need

I was sitting at my kitchen table, scrolling through Instagram on my phone while sipping on a cold beer. It was a typical Saturday evening, just me and the blue light of my screen. As I scrolled through the endless… Continue Reading →

If Hard Seltzer is Beer, I’m The Pope

Ah, beer. The nectar of the gods. The holy elixir that has been around since the dawn of time. It is what we turn to when we need a cold, refreshing beverage to quench our thirst. But what about hard… Continue Reading →

Totally Doable New Years Resolutions For Beer Geeks

Quit drinking beer entirely: For many people, giving up beer entirely may be an unattainable resolution, especially if it’s something they enjoy and is a regular part of their lifestyle. Quitting drinking beer entirely can be a challenging New Year’s… Continue Reading →

The Aromatic Flavor of Porter: Why It’s Better Than Stout

Once upon a time in a small village nestled in the rolling hills of England, there lived an old man named Porter. Porter was known all over the county for his crafty brews, and he was respected for his dedication… Continue Reading →

Beer for President of the United States of America! Vote Beer!

The world would be a very different place if a beer were elected President of the United States. For starters, the White House would be transformed into a giant frat house, with keg parties and beer pong tournaments taking place… Continue Reading →

Tasting Local Brews: A Travel Journal

It is difficult to determine which city in the world has the best beer, as different people may have different preferences and opinions when it comes to beer. Additionally, the quality of beer can vary greatly depending on the specific… Continue Reading →

Why Beer Is the Ultimate Companion: A Love Letter to the Craft

Beer is better than having friends for many reasons. First and foremost, beer is always there for you. Unlike friends, who may not be available to hang out or lend a listening ear, beer is always ready to be enjoyed…. Continue Reading →

Love on Tap: Why Beer Brewers Know How to Heat Things Up

1. Beer brewers are passionate about their craft and take great pride in their work. This passion carries over into their relationships, making them more attentive and thoughtful lovers. They are willing to go out of their way to make… Continue Reading →

Hangovers? More Like Hang-under, Am I Right?

Hangovers are for wimps, plain and simple. If you’re a real man or woman, you can handle your alcohol and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Sure, some people might say that a hangover is just… Continue Reading →

A Craft Beer Eulogy From The Ghost of Hunter S. Thompson

Goddamn it, I can’t believe I’m standing here today to say goodbye to craft beer. That’s right, folks, the time has come for us to mourn the loss of one of the greatest things to ever grace this earth. Craft… Continue Reading →

5 Things To Consider When Opening Your Own Brewery

1. Business plan: Developing a comprehensive business plan is crucial for the success of a brewery. The business plan should include a market analysis, a description of the brewery’s products, a financial plan, and a marketing strategy. It should also… Continue Reading →

If Charles Bukowski Were A Beer

If Charles Bukowski were a beer, he would likely be a rough and unrefined beer, such as a stout or a porter. These types of beers are known for their bold and robust flavors, much like Bukowski’s writing, which often… Continue Reading →

Support Your Local Cheese Curdery – I Mean Brewery

Supporting local breweries is incredibly important and rewarding for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it helps to strengthen the local economy by keeping money within the community. When people support local businesses, they are directly supporting the people… Continue Reading →

Clear the Haze: Why It’s Time to Make Beer Clear Again

As a self-proclaimed beer connoisseur, I’ve been watching the craft beer scene with a mixture of fascination and horror. It seems like every other brewery is pumping out hazy IPAs and juicy pale ales, with nary a clear beer in… Continue Reading →

The World Has Gone Beer Insane: A Rant from a Tired Beer Lover

As a longtime beer lover, I’ve been watching the craft beer scene with growing concern. It seems like everywhere I turn, people are talking about beer in reverential tones, hailing it as the greatest drink known to humanity. Don’t get… Continue Reading →

Brewed to Perfection: How AI Became the Ultimate Beer Blogger

Once upon a time, in a world not too unlike our own, a group of beer aficionados found themselves in need of a new writer for their popular beer blog. They had been through countless human writers, each one bringing… Continue Reading →

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