It is difficult to determine which city in the world has the best beer, as different people may have different preferences and opinions when it comes to beer. Additionally, the quality of beer can vary greatly depending on the specific brewery and the style of beer being produced. With that said, there are many cities around the world that are known for their excellent beer and breweries, including:

  • Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is often considered the beer capital of the world, thanks to its rich history of brewing and its abundance of high-quality breweries. The city is known for its pilsner-style beers, which are light and refreshing, as well as its dark, rich lagers.
  • Brussels, Belgium: Belgium is known for its world-class beer, and Brussels is the heart of the country’s brewing industry. The city is home to a wide variety of breweries, ranging from large, well-known brands to small, independent craft breweries. The city is particularly known for its lambic beers, which are fermented using wild yeast and are known for their unique flavors.
  • Munich, Germany: Munich is the birthplace of Oktoberfest and is known for its love of beer. The city is home to a number of world-renowned breweries, including the famous Hofbräuhaus, which has been brewing beer since the 16th century. Munich is known for its lagers, which are crisp and refreshing, and are often enjoyed with a traditional Bavarian meal.
  • Portland, Oregon, USA: Portland is often considered the craft beer capital of the United States, thanks to its large number of independent breweries and its abundance of high-quality beer. The city is known for its IPA’s, as well as its experimental and creative brews. Many of Portland’s breweries offer taprooms where visitors can sample a wide variety of beers and chat with the brewers themselves.

Ultimately, the best city for beer will depend on personal preferences and tastes. It is worth exploring the beer scenes in different cities and trying a variety of beers to find the ones that best suit your palate.

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What city in the world has the best beer? Not necessarily the most beer or breweries, but the best.