Beer more vital than air
Oxygen can’t compare
A cold brew in hand

Brew more essential
Than oxygen in my chest
Pint glass never empty

Inhale beer instead
Oxygen now obsolete
Drunken bliss, oh sweet

Life-giving brew in hand
Oxygen a distant second
Drunken haze, understand

Beer is life’s true elixir
Oxygen cannot compare
In its foamy embrace

Breath in the sweet aroma
Of malt and hops, not just air
Beer sustains me now

Sipping on a cold one
Forget about oxygen’s lure
Beer is all I need

Inhale deeply, oh beer
Your aroma is my oxygen
I cannot live without

Oxygen is overrated
Beer is the true essence of life
I breathe it in deep

Life without beer, bleak
But with a cold one in hand, joy
Oxygen, who needs it?

A pint of amber ale
Is worth more than oxygen’s blandness
I choose beer, always

Beer is my true love
Oxygen cannot compete
In its embrace, I thrive

Air is just a necessity
But beer, it is a luxury
I choose the latter

Oxygen is fine
But give me a beer any time
It’s my true passion

AI Prompt

Write haikus about how much beer is better than oxygen.