image928666017.jpgThis just in… Beergeeks celebrating the winter solstice had their celebration ruined by annoying football fans. I wa knee deep in 20+ holiday beers when all of a sudden the Bears / Packers game appeared on the TVs here at Toronado. Instantly a rowdy group of swill drinking (overheard: can I get a Bud?) dorks descended on the bar. As I ordered my first Anchor Christmas ale of the evening, these football fanatics start yelling an shouting a the TVs like the players could hear them.

In other news, football watchers tend to refer to their favorite team as ‘we’ – as if their drinking beer 2500 miles away somehow makes them part of the experience. Unknown why this is – will do more research and report back.

Maybe I need to start some sort of a tag and release program to track their movements.
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