Here I am, sitting in Magnolia Gastropub, 4 beers deep into their excellent strong beer menu. Only 2 to go, listening to Grateful Dead. oh how I hate the Grateful Dead, but I love this place. It’s, the beer…

Gose To Heaven – imperial hefewiezen? Strong banana flavor, but in a good way. Nice, strong, an sweet.

Man, it’s tough to blog during Strong Beer Month. Drunk wife sitting next to me, making fun of me. iPhone spell correction making a mockery of my prose. Damn hard knock life.

Promised Land Imperial IPA – damn nice double IPA.

Old Magnolia Thunderpussy Barleywine – snicker – a damn nice, if a little less sweet than expected barleywine. Dark, complex, and hot.

Now, speaking of dark. The shining dark star, Smokestack Lightning Imperial Stout. I could drown as a happy man in this amazing beer! Rich, dark, wonderful.

Superbowl? Superbeer!