I was thinking about ordering some Skyline Chili online from their store. But at $4/can before shipping I just can’t justify it. So I sent them an e-mail. We’ll see if they respond.

UPDATED — They did. Click Read More to read my email to them and their response.

As a former Cincinnati resident currently living way out west I often feel the craving for Skyline. But I must say — you aren’t doing anything to help feed that craving.

Why do you charge such a premium for your canned chili online?

When the in store cost is usually $2-$3/can you charge $4/can even in full case quantities. And that doesn’t even include the shipping!

I’d love to get some sent to California to feed my craving. But at these prices?

It would be cheaper to buy a round trip ticket to Cincinnati and carry back 3-4 cases than it would be to mail order 2 cases from you!

Please consider lowering your prices to something a little closer to retail — and a discount for larger quantities would be fantastic!

A few short hours later I got this reply from the corporate VP of marketing. While I do understand — it still doesn’t lower the price….


Thanks for your note. I agree with you that the mail order prices are on the high end. We actually wholesale the product to a mail order partner (Montgomery Inn) who sets the pricing. Obviously they have to make a profit too and the end result is pricing a good deal higher than grocery stores.

Hope that helps.