A quote from Frank Black / Black Francis, lead singer of the Pixies
For years, when asked if and when the Pixies would get back together, my stock answer would be : “When pigs fly.” Then this happened :

It was a warm September day and in the midst of the afternoon’s heat came a loud whining engine noise from above. This occurs quite often during the warm months. It’s usually a sea plane or a helicopter; both of which fly low in these parts. Normally, when this happens, the engine sound comes and goes rather quickly. But this time, I wasn’t experiencing the usual doppler effect; you know, the high pitch sound of the engine as the air craft approaches, followed by a lower pitch sound as it moves away.

This sound was different; it seemed to linger over the house at an even pitch. After more than a few seconds of this, I went outside to investigate and there, seemingly hovering above my house, was the Goodyear blimp. It lumbered along slowly and was so low in the sky I could see the people in the gondola underneath. It looked like a giant pig, not unlike the mammoth floating pig that Pink Floyd had tethered to a large building in London years ago. I’d see it whenever I took the train out to Wandsworth.

Neither the blimp nor the Pink Floyd pig had wings. Still, they floated in air. And so, now, I ask myself : can pigs fly?

Well pigs do indeed fly. The Pixies have announced that they will be getting back together for a series of North American warm-up concerts, Coachella, and then a full European and North America tour! Follow the developments here: http://www.frankblack.net

Nimrod’s Son

[source: http://www.frankblack.net]