This is a great recipe to have ready for a cold morning. Add a little extra chile powder of your choice to pep it up.

Hatch Green Chile Stew (aka Green Trash Water)

Recipe by Jeff Scott


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This is a great way to warm up on a cold winter morning. Serve with warm corn tortillas and scrambled eggs. This recipe requires either an Instant Pot, dutch oven, or slow cooker of at least 6 quarts.

This recipe is also very flexible. Use chicken thighs instead of pork, add more or less chile powder to adjust the heat. Add cooked diced potatoes, or tomatoes, or whatever leftovers are in the fridge. It just about all works.

Serve it over corn, prepared pasole/hominy, corn chips, rice, anything really. Top with shredded cheese, more fresh lime, salsa, chopped onion, cilantro (if you’re that kind of person).

This also makes a great traditional New Mexico breakfast — scramble some eggs and add a touch of cheese to some corn tortillas to make breakfast tacos to go with it.



  • Add the butter and pork to the dry Instant Pot on sauté high mode and sauté until all sides have a little brown on them and there is some fond on the bottom of the pot. If not using an Instant Pot, brown on the stove in a heavy bottom pan or dutch oven.
  • Add all of the other ingredients, fill the green chile can with water and pour into the pot and give the whole thing a good stir. Liquid level should just be just below the top of the ingredients. Set Instant Pot on stew mode, high pressure, 90 minutes. Or cook in a slow cooker for 2-3 hours on high or until pork is shreddable. If using a dutch oven, 350 degree oven, covered for 2-3 hours or until the pork is shreddable.
  • If using an Instant Pot, allow it to natural release pressure — could be up to another hour. For using a slow cooker, turn to low or off. For dutch oven, remove and leave covered for an hour.
  • Remove the pork and shred finely. Use a stick blender to blend the broth, onion, and chiles remaining in the pot to a liquid. Add the shredded pork back in. Add the small can of green chiles (or more if you want, I do) and season with salt, pepper, hot sauce, chile powder to taste.
  • Serve over corn, hominy, corn chips, rice, or whatever. Top with a fresh squeeze of lime, picked jalapeños, and pepper jack cheese.