I’ve gotten a couple questions about chili lately. I’m no expert, but click on more to see my answers.

April asks about getting fat out of cooked chili:

i tried making the chili yesterday from a recipe i have had for a few years. it was horrible. after a few bites the inside of my mouth felt as if it was covered with grease. can you tell me if there is a way to make the chili without it being so greasy? is there some way that you get the grease out? thanks – april

It’s fairly simple, but takes a little patience. The key is to cook the chili the day before you want to eat it. Then, cool it and refridgerate it. Once it cools enough the fat rises to the surface and solidifies. You can then just break it off in pieces and discard it.

If you can’t cook the chili the day before, you need to cook the meat seperately, then drain it before starting the chili.

A couple people have asked about batch number 9. Well I haven’t gotten to it. A couple excuses — for one I’ve got some of the real stuff around. Hopefully I will have time to do it this week.