About a year ago we started to curate some of the vast number of amazing beer related videos on YouTube. The goal was to present them in what we though a TV channel might look like if it were created for Beergeeks. Fast forward a year and we are on Apple TV and now on the web presenting what could be thought of as a beer-related cable TV service, Beergeek.com TV.

Just today we’ve expanded our offering to curate 15 different channels with hundreds of videos. Each of the channels focus on an area a real Beergeek would love such as homebrewing, virtual brewery tours, and even hours and hours of old beer commercials. Channels can be selected by touching the channel name at the top to see a list of available channels, and each channel has a slide out guide showing what’s playing, what’s next, and allowing on demand access to any show.

Beergeek.com TV works equally well on desktop, tablet, and on mobile. And you can play on any device and AirPlay or Chromecast the channels to your TV with the appropriate hardware. Select a channel, grab a beer from the special shelf, sit back and relax with Beergeek.com TV.

If you have any suggestions for new channels or videos to add, please get in touch on Twitter. Cheers!